Wednesday, June 28, 2017

More. MORE. MORE! Dandelions Part 7: How long does it take a dandelion puff ball to form?

More. MORE. MORE! Dandelions is a book dedicated to those who don't mind a few dandelions and for the dads who are always wishing for more time with their children.

I hope you buy the book for your family or as a gift for an enthusiastic new dad or a blossoming young reader! The book is available on AMAZON. I really appreciate your support!

The biggest challenge in making More. MORE. MORE! Dandelions was illustrating the time passing from when the family encounters dandelion flowers to when the dandelions change to puff balls. Before I could fully conquer this illustration challenge I had some research to do. I needed to know how long it took for a dandelion to make the change.

I chose six dandelions in my backyard to observe. Next to each dandelion I placed a stake where I tacked a baggie with a note card to record my observations.
This was test subject #1. It was a dandelion that made its home right between a flower bed and my rain barrel.
I started counting the days as soon as the flower closed up. This was April 19, 2017.
The dried up yellow flower was visible on top for six days.
On Day 7 the flower fell off to reveal a fuzzy white top.
The puff ball arrived on April 28, 2017.
The dandelion took ten days from the moment it closed to when it reopened with a puff ball. This research really helped me. I decided the best way to show the passing of time was with a calendar that showed ten days passing between the family's walks to the park.  I also put the characters in different color clothes to show that it was definitely a different time. Below is the final illustration from the book.

What happened to the other five dandelions I researched?

A few were eaten by bunnies like this one. How do I know?
This was nearby. (Note: I put a bunny that eats dandelions in the book.)
This dandelion took 12 days to open. Right after the "10-day" dandelion turned to a puff ball it rained for a day and half. Once this dandelion dried out it opened up too!
This research allowed me to finish all the stamping. Next up was drawing all the facial expressions!

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