Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ravenna Preschool - Grandparents Evening Event

I am blessed to have been invited to the Ravenna Local School District's Early Childhood Education Preschool for an evening event with the students and their grandparents!

We started with a 35 minute story time and then hands-on stations were scattered throughout the cafeteria for the students to enjoy with their grandparents. It went so well. Thank you to all the moms that helped make this event a success!

I started with the ABC song - THREE GHOST FRIENDS style!
A BABY BEARD! So many giggles from the preschoolers!
Three volunteers drew a ghost, a cow, and a rooster for the whole audience.
Boo. Moo. Cock-a-doodle doo! Hey, that rhymes!
So many messy hands at the MORE! MORE! MORE! Dandelions stamp art station.
Color your own healthy BABY BEARD!
Make-your-own book with an author station!
Look at all the people! Hooray for all the grandparents who brought their grandchild to this event!
Oh, yeah! Look at those Baby Beards!
Thank you so much, Ravenna Local School District!
I had so much fun!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Thank you for the thank yous!

I received a bunch of thank you notes from kindergarteners at Parkside Elementary School in Solon, Ohio. Wow, these really brought a smile to my face this morning. I loved the drawings and I was very impressed with their writing! It was so sweet that many of the students hope to see me again! (Awwww!)

I just had to share some of notes with you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Stamping Note Cards - Halloween and Pumpkins

It is Apple Harvest Festival time at Monroe's Orchard. I am blessed to be back again this year!
At my tent you will find stamping crafts, coloring activities, and fun games.
I try to fit in a story time during the day too.

Photo courtesy of Monroe's Orchard.
This year I am selling note cards made with cut erasers and stamping. This is the same style of illustration I used for my new book, MORE. MORE. MORE! DANDELIONS.

One design features three jack o'lanterns sitting on a fence.
I wrap up six cards with a bow and sell them for $5.
For another design, I had the idea of PUMPKIN LOVE with two pumpkins and their vines intertwined to form a heart. I sketched the drawing in pencil and traced with black ink.
I made a copy of my sketch and colored the shapes I saw with different colors. Then, I cut out the shapes and traced them onto erasers. The erasers were cut out and would be used as my stamps.
I lined up all my cut eraser stamps and tested them out. I was very happy with the first illustrations.
All of the cards are hand-stamped and signed. I do not make copies. Therefore, the lucky person you choose to send this card is getting a piece of my original artwork.
Here is a time lapse video of the stamping:

Monday, August 21, 2017

Akron Art Museum • A.B.C-reativity Event

The Akron Art Museum hosted an event on Saturday to inspire creativity as we head into another school year. It was an amazing day with over 300 people. Positive energy was abound. I am blessed to have been a part of A.B.C-reativity!

There were play activities outside in the garden.
Craft stations were plentiful.
I hosted the "Stamp Your Story" craft station.
Many stamp pads awaited young artists. 
Random eraser shapes begged for imagination to turn them into a picture.
I used cut erasers for my new book, and couldn't wait to watch children create their own art using the same technique.

These were just a few of the amazing creations! I loved seeing all the messy hands covered with colored ink.
This was my first public reading of More. MORE. MORE! Dandelions. We used yellow scarfs to pretend to be dandelions and shouted, "More MORE. MORE!" 

I read Baby Beards! too!
ART happened here!

Thank you to the Akron Art Museum for inviting to participate. I had so much fun!
Good luck in the upcoming school year to all the children and families!