Monday, June 26, 2017

More. MORE. MORE! Dandelions Part 5: Illustrations

More. MORE. MORE! Dandelions is a book dedicated to those who don't mind a few dandelions and for the dads who are always wishing for more time with their children.

I hope you buy the book for your family or as a gift for an enthusiastic new dad or a blossoming young reader! The book is available on AMAZON. I really appreciate your support!

I was committed to a non-digital approach to the illustrations for More. MORE. MORE! Dandelions. I only wanted to scan each final piece of art at the end. No digital collage. No major enhancements. Just stamps.

I started each illustration with a piece of 11" x 17" white smooth bristol paper.
I measured the margins and left plenty of room in the middle for the gutter of the book. Then, I stamped the illustration based upon my preliminary sketches.
The facial expressions of the characters would be drawn later. The text would be dropped into the "talking bubbles" after the art was scanned.
This was my stamp palette. Many of the stamps were used over and over throughout the book. Some stamps were made and only used for one or two pages. Placing the stamps on this piece of wood was a way to keeping track of them, but I often misplaced them! Halfway through the book I lost the stamp I used for the dandelion leaves, so I had to cut a new one.
The scraps from cutting the erasers piled up over the course of the project.
I illustrated the first page spread on January 29, 2017.
My confidence grew after I successfully stamped the baby's stroller.

I only used ColorBox pigment ink pads for the illustrations. The other stamp pads in this photo were being used by my daughter who often worked right along side me. 
A view from above. You can see my daughter's stamp illustration too!

I purchased larger novelty erasers at Five Below to stamp the larger images.
I laid the illustrations on the floor when I was halfway through to make sure the story was still flowing. I referred to my preliminary sketches to plan for the rest of the book.
On May 23, 2017 I stamped the last illustration.
 I stamped many page spreads six different times to get them right. In the end, I did over 100 illustrations. The best illustrations would be picked for the book.
It was a journey with many challenges along the way! I started the project in the middle of winter and I rejoiced when the dandelions started popping up in the spring. I believed more than ever that this was going to be a special book.

Do you want to learn more about the making of this book? Read Part 6

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More. MORE. MORE! Dandelions is available on Amazon:


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