Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby Beards! Part 1: It all began around our dinner table!

Baby Beards! is a book dedicated to babies and toddlers, their messy faces, healthy eating and the parents and grandparents who love to take pictures of their little ones.

I hope you check out Baby Beards!, buy it as a gift for a family expecting a new baby (THE BOOK INCLUDES PAGES TO ADD PHOTOGRAPHS AND RECORD EATING MILESTONES!), and enjoy this series of blog posts that will describe in detail how I spent over a year turning a family experience into a picture book.
Baby Beards! - best gift book for a baby shower
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Baby Beards! by Eric VanRaepenbusch - A great book for baby showers

Baby Beards! by Eric VanRaepenbusch - A great book to chronicle your baby and toddler's eating adventures

Baby Beards! by Eric VanRaepenbusch - A great book to chronicle your baby and toddler's eating adventures

Our four children have had so many Baby Beards! over the years. It was at our dinner table that we first started using the term "Baby Beard" to describe the mess on the face of our youngest members of our family.  I don't know the exact day the term was coined, but I know it started on a Taco Night! My third child loved black beans and would squish and smear them. I looked over and the mess from the black beans looked just a like a beard on his face. I said, "You look like you have a beard. Actually, you look like a pirate. Captain Black Bean Beard!"

We used the term "Baby Beard" more and more. I thought it would be a great idea for a picture book.  As with most of my picture book ideas, I wrestled with "baby beards" in my head before writing anything down.  Since the idea kept popping back into my head I knew it was probably an idea that I should be explore further.

In March 2013, I first wrote in my journal a rough draft of Baby Beards!. It started as a story about a mommy fixing food as fast as she could, the baby gobbling up the food, and a brother and sister saying to the baby "You got a beard!"

Rough Draft Writing of Baby Beards by Eric VanRaepenbusch via www.ericvr.com

The story evolved quite a bit from this first draft. I added a dog to the story, painted my own illustrations, and made the book more than just a picture book by adding bonus pages for families to make the book their own!

This was part one of how Baby Beards! became my new self-published picture book. Want to read Part 2 - CLICK HERE!

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  1. Congrats, Eric! Looks like a fun book!

    1. Thank you, Iza! I think it is lots of fun -- the ending is really fun! I am going to have a hard time not talking about it on the blog!