Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Stamping Note Cards - Halloween and Pumpkins

It is Apple Harvest Festival time at Monroe's Orchard. I am blessed to be back again this year!
At my tent you will find stamping crafts, coloring activities, and fun games.
I try to fit in a story time during the day too.

Photo courtesy of Monroe's Orchard.
This year I am selling note cards made with cut erasers and stamping. This is the same style of illustration I used for my new book, MORE. MORE. MORE! DANDELIONS.

One design features three jack o'lanterns sitting on a fence.
I wrap up six cards with a bow and sell them for $5.
For another design, I had the idea of PUMPKIN LOVE with two pumpkins and their vines intertwined to form a heart. I sketched the drawing in pencil and traced with black ink.
I made a copy of my sketch and colored the shapes I saw with different colors. Then, I cut out the shapes and traced them onto erasers. The erasers were cut out and would be used as my stamps.
I lined up all my cut eraser stamps and tested them out. I was very happy with the first illustrations.
All of the cards are hand-stamped and signed. I do not make copies. Therefore, the lucky person you choose to send this card is getting a piece of my original artwork.
Here is a time lapse video of the stamping:


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