Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More. MORE. MORE! Dandelions Part 6: Dandelion Crafts and Activities

More. MORE. MORE! Dandelions is a book dedicated to those who don't mind a few dandelions and for the dads who are always wishing for more time with their children.

I hope you buy the book for your family or as a gift for an enthusiastic new dad or a blossoming young reader! The book is available on AMAZON. I really appreciate your support!

My youngest daughter was two years old when she said, "More. MORE. MORE!" when she saw dandelions on a walk around the neighborhood with me. Now she is five and this year she was more excited than ever to play with dandelions.

She made dandelion stew in the backyard.
She rubbed dandelions on her skin. 
And asked, "Do I like butter?"
The yellow on her skin tells me that she loves butter!
I made her a dandelion crown.
She has always loved picking dandelions for me and her mom!
I don't know what inspired this photo while we were walking to school, but it turned out pretty cool!
We collected dandelion flower tops and dried them in the sun.
We placed the dried flower tops in a mason jar for a beautiful decoration.
We pressed dandelions inside a big book.
They looked amazing after a few days!
We sprayed dandelion puffs with hair spray to keep the seeds from blowing away.
It really does work!
Oh, dandelions we love you so! So much fun! I hope my book inspires your family to play with dandelions every spring!

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More. MORE. MORE! Dandelions is available on Amazon:

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  1. Dandelions are my favorite flowers and mostly children like it too.I really like the topic of your book.It will definitely win the hearts of so many dads.