Sunday, October 2, 2016

Monroe's Orchard - October 1st, 2016

The forecast didn't look good all week. On Friday night the forecast was predicting rain for much of Saturday. After an early morning misty rain on Saturday the clouds remained, and there was a still a chance for an afternoon shower.

The Monroe's gave me a huge space in the barn to setup my gear. How cool is that! 
The craft table -- Four fun crafts for the kids!
It wasn't raining yet so I was smiling! I hoped the clouds and raindrops wouldn't scare people away.
But, the families came to the orchard and the craft tables were busy all day!
Amazingly, the sun came out and stayed out for the whole festival!
The ghosts were so happy!
My children picked apples!
And visited the pumpkin patch!
The only raindrops I saw were on my windshield when I was packing up after the festival was over. I am so very thankful for this day!

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