Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Beautiful Apple Harvest Festival at Monroe's Orchard!

I had a perfect day at Monroe's Orchard in Hiram, Ohio today. This is my third year attending the Apple Harvest Festivals and I think it was the best day ever. The temperature was just right and the sun was bright! I met so many new families and many friends came out to say Hi. A huge thank you to everyone for supporting me!

The THREE GHOST FRIENDS had a great spot right next to the train ride!
Did someone say FREE apple samples? Yum!
I love apple cider! I had my first glass of the year today! 
The fan favorite, BABY BEARDS-on-a-stick, were back again this year.
Plus, I had many new crafts. The ghost stamps were a huge hit!
Ghost chalk!  
And create your own Battle Boo! The best of the day was a Donald Trump Battle Boo and a very pretty princess Battle Boo.
There will be two more Apple Harvest Festivals at Monroe's Orchard on October 1 and October 8. I hope the weather is as nice as it was today!

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