Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A SUPER Day at Wait Primary School!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hike the Reading Trail at Camp Miller

Last week was Right to Read Week at Miller Elementary School. I had the pleasure of being a member of the planning committee. We chose the theme HIKE THE READING TRAIL AT CAMP MILLER. The theme was a huge hit with teachers and students.

Teachers decorated their classrooms, read books about nature, and took their students outside to enjoy the nice weather. Click here to see their amazing work.

My contribution to the week was planning the family reading night. Students and their families were invited back to school for an evening of campfire stories.  I chose to read four books; Camp Rex by Molly Idle, The Adventures of Max and Pinky: Best Buds by Max Elliott III, Night Animals by Gianna Marino, and Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes by Me!

I made a large tree with a two-sided owl inspired by Camp Rex.
I threaded a coat hanger through the corrugated cardboard. This allowed the owl to spin around to reveal the other side. (See the next photo.)
I had two big presentations in the same week. I made a bunch of props!
My favorite prop was a MEGA-marshmallow roaster inspired by the giant tree Rex used to roast his marshmallows in Camp Rex.
My family helped me prepare for the reading night.
I made a night sky with NIGHT ANIMAL eyes watching. I made them with marshmallows I tore in half and added pupils with a black marker.
My little helpers!
You can see Rex's marshmallow roaster in this picture.
Thank you to all the families who came out to listen to the campfire stories.
Thank you for not laughing at my singing too! We sang a traditional repeat-after-me camp song. 
I hope everyone enjoyed the show!
Here is the bulletin board I created at the school.
We started planning Right to Read Week in January. We hoped for nice weather to try a book hike. Thankfully, we had a few days with sunshine and 60 degree temperatures! We laminated each page spread from LOOKING FOR A MOOSE by Phyllis Root and stapled each to a stake.
The stakes were arranged along the walking path at school. A couple of moose showed up too! The teachers led their class on the hike and stopped to read each page. I heard many positive reviews from the teachers about this activity.
Thank you Miller Elementary School! Your enthusiasm for reading and books was infectious! I was honored to be a part of your RIGHT TO READ WEEK!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Battle Boos from Center Elementary School! Thank you!

Check out these awesome Battle Boos created by students at Center Elementary School!

Space Bot, Speeddee Boo Bot, Cat Battle Boo, and Spiker Boo (clockwise starting in upper left).
Space Bot is flying by the Little Dipper, a rocket, and a moon. Speedee looks very fast! I love that Cat Battle Boo has a #10 as an earring! Spikerboo would make a great #30 in Series 3 (It shouts, "SPIKED!"). 
Rocket Mouse, Love Bot, Mysterious Bot, and Fasto Five (clockwise starting in upper left). How cool is Rocket Mouse! It looks like Love Bot showers hearts down as it flies around. The eyes on Mysterious Bot are very mysterious indeed! Fasto Five has a satellite on top of its head!
I love Boo-Horn! The drawing is amazing! I really like what the student wrote to me too:
"Dear Mr. V, Thank you for taking your time and energy to come to my school. You really inspired me to become an author-strator. Also, for teaching me new art skills. And telling me that children's book ideas are everywhere. Also, I will find my author-strator glasses and write a story!"
Spidekes, Rainbow VV, Zero Zoomer, and Fireshooter. (clockwise starting in upper left).
The flames coming out of Spidekes are intense! The note from the student who created Rainbow VV states, "You've inspired me to make a book. It is called Awesome Sauce." Well, I think Rainbow VV is "awesome sauce" and I can't wait to read your story!  Zero Zoomer has its own theme song -- "Zooming, Zooming all around. Zooming Zooming to the save the town!" It looks like Fireshooter shoots flames out of its eyes! Whoa!
There were so many more Battle Boos too! I loved each and every one. Thank you so much!

Do you want to make your own Battle Boos?  Download the FREE printable!