Saturday, November 5, 2016

A fun day in New Philadelphia!

I was glad the whole family came along!
I was thankful to participate in this wonderful event!
Battle Boos designed by kids at the Reading Festival!
The boy that designed this Battle Boo worked so hard. I was impressed with his grandma's patience to allow him to finish!
I love the mustache on #155!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone for supporting me during this Halloween season. It was my most successful yet! Special thanks goes out to Geauga County Public Library for hosting the Author Fair, Monroe's Orchard for hosting 3 Apple Festivals, Northern Ohio SCBWI for inviting me to the Self-publishing Rountable, Craddock Elementary School for inviting me to speak to all the second grade classrooms, Miller Elementary School for allowing me to read THREE GHOST FRIENDS for storytime in the library, Stephanie Mora for organizing a surprise preschool book order, Miss S for inviting me to read TGF BATTLE BOOS as mystery reader, everyone who bought one of my books, everyone who made my day by telling me that their child "loves my book", to all the children who told me "Your books are really good", my friends, family, and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Friday, October 28, 2016


Yesterday, my daughter asked me to blow up a "BOO-LOON". I blew up that one for her and these are for you! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

School Visit to Craddock Elementary School

Thank you Craddock Elementary School for inviting me to spend the day with all the second graders! I want to wish you good luck writing your personal narratives! YOU ARE WRITERS!

Friday, October 14, 2016

My First Battle Boo!

Yesterday, my daughter found the container of InstaMorph when I was straightening up the house. It reminded her of past projects (Wolfie the Bunnies and Superhero Action Figures). She asked, "Can I make something with this?"

I had been wanting to make a Battle Boo out of InstaMorph ever since I wrote my book, THREE GHOST FRIENDS AND THE BATTLE BOOS. While she worked on her project, I decided to work on mine!
Later in the day, my son noticed we were running low on InstaMorph and asked, "Can you buy me more of this for Christmas?" It is less than 10 dollars on Amazon!
My daughter made a cat out of the moldable plastic. InstaMorph is very easy to use. First, you heat water to 140 degrees and then pour in a bunch of the InstaMorph plastic pellets. Then, after 2 minutes the pellets can be molded into anything you want. My daughter chose to paint the plastic after she was finished. 
Here is my Battle Boo! #6 Captain Boo Beard.
I used Sharpie markers to add the design.
Flying! Zooming! On the Attack!
Woo-Hoo! Battle Boos!

Click here to learn more about the book!


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Monroe's Orchard - October 1st, 2016

The forecast didn't look good all week. On Friday night the forecast was predicting rain for much of Saturday. After an early morning misty rain on Saturday the clouds remained, and there was a still a chance for an afternoon shower.

The Monroe's gave me a huge space in the barn to setup my gear. How cool is that! 
The craft table -- Four fun crafts for the kids!
It wasn't raining yet so I was smiling! I hoped the clouds and raindrops wouldn't scare people away.
But, the families came to the orchard and the craft tables were busy all day!
Amazingly, the sun came out and stayed out for the whole festival!
The ghosts were so happy!
My children picked apples!
And visited the pumpkin patch!
The only raindrops I saw were on my windshield when I was packing up after the festival was over. I am so very thankful for this day!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Beautiful Apple Harvest Festival at Monroe's Orchard!

I had a perfect day at Monroe's Orchard in Hiram, Ohio today. This is my third year attending the Apple Harvest Festivals and I think it was the best day ever. The temperature was just right and the sun was bright! I met so many new families and many friends came out to say Hi. A huge thank you to everyone for supporting me!

The THREE GHOST FRIENDS had a great spot right next to the train ride!
Did someone say FREE apple samples? Yum!
I love apple cider! I had my first glass of the year today! 
The fan favorite, BABY BEARDS-on-a-stick, were back again this year.
Plus, I had many new crafts. The ghost stamps were a huge hit!
Ghost chalk!  
And create your own Battle Boo! The best of the day was a Donald Trump Battle Boo and a very pretty princess Battle Boo.
There will be two more Apple Harvest Festivals at Monroe's Orchard on October 1 and October 8. I hope the weather is as nice as it was today!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Author Fair - Chardon Library

I got to spend the day with Mary C. Ryan and many other authors at the Geauga County Public Library Author Fair in Chardon, Ohio. It was so nice to talk "books and writing" with everyone. Thank you to everyone who bought books and stopped by my table to say HI!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Many Hats Needed for My Story Time!

Today I read three picture books at a Cub Scout day camp as their after lunch entertainment. I wore the bowler hat and monster horns for JUMPY JACK AND GOOGILY by Meg Rosoff and Sophie Blackall, the sideways red ball cap for ICE CREAM SUMMER by Peter Sis, and the red stocking hat for THE GREAT PAPER CAPER by Oliver Jeffers.

I had so much fun! Thank you, Boy Scouts of America for inviting me back again this year!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

300th Author/Illustrator Birthday Celebration on Happy Birthday Author

I started celebrating picture book author and illustrator birthdays with my family in 2010. Six and half years later we celebrated our 300th birthday. I invite you to stop by the blog to meet some new picture book creators and hopefully be inspired to plan a birthday celebration of your own!

WHY WAIT?  - click here to visit HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUTHOR now!

Monday, June 6, 2016

A new 5-Star Review on Amazon for BABY BEARDS!

A new 5-star review on Amazon for BABY BEARDS!. I am smiling today!

"Gave this fun book to my 2.5 year old cousin Everett, who has a baby brother named Spencer. Spencer is an expert in crafting his own baby beards during mealtime, so Everett immediately identified with the baby's messes. The great rhymes in the book helped Everett "read" the book with me almost immediately. And the foods are labeled, which adds a nice layer of detail. The illustrations are darling. Eric, I'd like this book as a board book for littler ones! Highly recommend!"

Thank you, Annie, for this review!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A SUPER Day at Wait Primary School!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hike the Reading Trail at Camp Miller

Last week was Right to Read Week at Miller Elementary School. I had the pleasure of being a member of the planning committee. We chose the theme HIKE THE READING TRAIL AT CAMP MILLER. The theme was a huge hit with teachers and students.

Teachers decorated their classrooms, read books about nature, and took their students outside to enjoy the nice weather. Click here to see their amazing work.

My contribution to the week was planning the family reading night. Students and their families were invited back to school for an evening of campfire stories.  I chose to read four books; Camp Rex by Molly Idle, The Adventures of Max and Pinky: Best Buds by Max Elliott III, Night Animals by Gianna Marino, and Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes by Me!

I made a large tree with a two-sided owl inspired by Camp Rex.
I threaded a coat hanger through the corrugated cardboard. This allowed the owl to spin around to reveal the other side. (See the next photo.)
I had two big presentations in the same week. I made a bunch of props!
My favorite prop was a MEGA-marshmallow roaster inspired by the giant tree Rex used to roast his marshmallows in Camp Rex.
My family helped me prepare for the reading night.
I made a night sky with NIGHT ANIMAL eyes watching. I made them with marshmallows I tore in half and added pupils with a black marker.
My little helpers!
You can see Rex's marshmallow roaster in this picture.
Thank you to all the families who came out to listen to the campfire stories.
Thank you for not laughing at my singing too! We sang a traditional repeat-after-me camp song. 
I hope everyone enjoyed the show!
Here is the bulletin board I created at the school.
We started planning Right to Read Week in January. We hoped for nice weather to try a book hike. Thankfully, we had a few days with sunshine and 60 degree temperatures! We laminated each page spread from LOOKING FOR A MOOSE by Phyllis Root and stapled each to a stake.
The stakes were arranged along the walking path at school. A couple of moose showed up too! The teachers led their class on the hike and stopped to read each page. I heard many positive reviews from the teachers about this activity.
Thank you Miller Elementary School! Your enthusiasm for reading and books was infectious! I was honored to be a part of your RIGHT TO READ WEEK!