Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Visit to Dover Public Library

I had a really fun day at the Dover Public Library. My wife heard my presentation for the first time. I met many really nice people, three enthusiastic young readers, and a few future children's book writers, too! A huge THANK YOU to Dover Public Library staff for inviting me and making me feel so welcome.
I am so happy she was able to hear my presentation.
I shared a few photographs of my children's BABY BEARDS.
I read the awful first draft of BABY BEARDS!.
I had a fantastic audience!
I shared many illustrations from the book.
I haven't met a child yet that hasn't made a bubble beard in the bathtub.
My favorite part of the presentation -- reading BABY BEARDS! to a new group of people.
I gave a copy of one of my Three Ghost Friends books to a young boy who helped me during my presentation. He did a great job and it was his debut acting gig!

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