Saturday, July 5, 2014

Baby Beards! Part 5: Jumping into Painting

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This is post #5 in a blog series -- Did you miss the first 4 posts?  (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

Baby Beards! Part 5: Jumping into Painting:

After completing the storyboards, I was ready to jump right into painting the illustrations for Baby Beards!, but I needed to test the water first....

I started with some easy painting by covering square-shaped pieces of a cardboard box with acrylic paint. I wanted to use these for the backgrounds for each page.  I thought this would be a good way to bring bright colors and texture to the background of each page.

I scanned the painted cardboard to see if I liked how it looked and I DID (with the exception of wanting brighter colors instead the dark yellow that I tried first)!

I needed to see if my vision for the painted cardboard backgrounds was going to work before I moved forward with more painting.  To start, I went through hundreds of fonts and picked one that I liked --  DINk!  I typed out the text for the first page of Baby Beards! in the new font and laid the text on top of the scanned painted-cardboard-box background image. (I used a Mac app called iDraw to do this.) I was pleased with the results!

Actually, I was feeling so good that I decided to paint a few red bowls!

I knew which one I liked right away! Can you pick out which bowl made the book?
I tried to gain momentum by painting all the small elements I would need for the first page of each meal scene. For these pages I would need to paint a background, a red bowl, a clock, and lots of healthy food! It was so much fun painting all these elements!

I liked the texture and the imperfections created when I painted the cardboard.  I chose to leave all the imperfections.

Painting clocks -- I picked the one I liked the best from each color set to scan for the final illustration.

I painted lots of fruit and veggies!

I used inexpensive acrylic paint for all the illustrations (and recycled applesauce containers for my paint mixing bowls).

Next, I scanned all the fruits and veggies, backgrounds, clocks, and bowls. Then, I used a free program called GIMP 2.8 to digitally cut out the image so that I could put each element together like a collage on top of the background. I arranged each page in a Mac app called iDraw.

Before I started this project I had told a friend that I wanted to watch my book unfold before my eyes. I wanted my illustrations to be hung up so I could stand back and see my whole book laid out in front of me. At this point I was looking at four finished pages and I was ecstatic!  I could feel that Baby Beards! was going to happen.

I consulted my storyboards to see what was next. I painted many of the "Healthy Foods" on the healthy food pages found at the end of the book at this time too.

I jumped right into the painting and was having so much fun!  I had 4 pages complete but over 30 more pages to go! I couldn't wait to start painting the baby beards!!

This was part five of how Baby Beards! became my new self-published picture book. (Did you miss (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4)?) Want to read Part 6 - CLICK HERE!

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